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Effective October 1, 2022


Free play daycare:

Evaluation day: $50 
(Full day of daycare + one time $20 fee)

Original Rover's clients will not need to complete an evaluation day. 


Full day (six hours or longer) -     $30.00   Siblings receive $5 discount

Half day (Less than six hours) -    $20.00         

Daycare with grooming - $20.00   

Dogs in our care past six hours will automatically be changed from a half day to full day of daycare.


Academy daycare:

Full days only available - $50.00 


Packages never expire.  However, if your dog has not attended daycare in over three months, they will need to be re-integrated into the pack by completing a re-evaluation.  The re-evaluation mirrors their first evaluation and is an all day event.   After three months of inactivity, you will receive an email with a link to set up a re-evaluation appointment.  The re-evaluation does not incur an evaluation fee, and is just charged as a full day of daycare. You can also call the front desk where they will be more than happy to assist you.


Package days can be used to cover daycare during boarding.  However, the additional overnight charge cannot be taken from a package and will be charged separately. 

30 Day: $765.00 includes one express bath    

20 Day: $540.00 includes one free nail trim

10 Day: $285.00 ​

Packages are refundable with a processing fee. 

Half days cannot be applied to packages.

Packages can be used for a single dog or multi-family on the same account. 

Day Boarding

Day Boarding: Only full days available $30

Overnight Boarding

Overnight Rates are determined by accommodation type.  Full and half days of daycare are available to be added to boarding stays. 

                            Per dog                

Petite Suites:                                   $35                 

Medium Suites:                               $45                  

Large Suites:                                   $50              

Luxury Suites with live 24/7 Cameras:  $65                                    

Siblings sleeping in the same room receive $5 discount off of overnight rate. 







Discounted daycare when dogs are boarding overnight

Full day: $25 (siblings are discounted to $20 for a full day of daycare)

Half day: $20

House food:

In case of emergencies, Houston Bark Park will provide house food for $2.00 fee per cup.  Our house food is a grain inclusive sensitive stomach (salmon and rice) formula. 


Holiday Boarding

Holiday nights incur an additional $10.00 fee.  Our offices are closed (don't worry we're still here for the pups) on the following days: 

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


Bagging meals

In order to comply with any of your pup's dietary restrictions, we encourage owners to bring their own food from home.  It is encouraged for food to be separated and labeled upon drop off for lodging.  This allows us to save space and be as organized as possible when preparing your pup's meals.  Additionally, this allows us to catalog each meal when they are dropped off. 

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Bathing and Grooming Services 

Express baths: Begin at $20.00 and are based on size of dog and coat condition

Full Baths: Full baths include nail trimming, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning 

De shed treatments: Specialized shampoo, conditioner, and tools are used to drastically reduced a dog's undercoat with this process.  Dogs are bathed, blow dried and brushed out.  

Nail trim: $15 to clip and grind 

teeth cleaning: $10

Ear cleaning: $10

Includes customizable haircut, shampoo and blow dry, brush out, grinding nails, cleaning ears, plucking ear hair, expression of anal glands, shaving pads and shaving sanitary area.

Full grooms start at $55 and increased based on size and condition of coat.  Please call for more information.  

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