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Two Daycare Programs 

Free Play Daycare

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  • Bigger Packs

  • Larger Play Areas

  • Unlimited Amenities

  • All Day Play

  • Half and full days available

  • Available Seven days a week at this location.

  • 7:00 am - 11:30 am and

  • 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

$30 per day

Enrichment Academy

Second academy class announcement  (1).png
  • Smaller Packs

  • Mental Enrichment

  • Structured Activities

  • More One-on-One 

  • Full days only

  • Available on Thursdays

$ 50 per day

Additional Services


  • Standard and luxury suite sizes

  • No additional charges for food, medicine, etc.

  • Daily daycare available 

  • 5 daily potty breaks for overnight guests not participating in daycare. This option is only available at the Energy Corridor location.  


Day Boarding

  • Unlike traditional daycare, this program allows dogs to receive individual potty breaks throughout the day. 

  • Perfect options for dogs not up to the daily activity of daycare but still need a place to be for the day

  • $30 a day 

  • Call the energy corridor location for more information

Only available at Energy Corridor location


Call Energy Corridor location for more info!

Bathing and Grooming

Our professional groomer is on-site and ready to pamper your pooch! Aimee has 25 years of experience with all breeds and sizes, so whether your dog needs a show quality cut or just a good scrub, she'll provide a luxurious, stress free spa day for your dog.​​​​

dog park chill zone

Private Park

  • Great inner loop location

  • Access to amazing amenities

  • All Dogs are temperament tested

  • Bathing station included

  • Key fob access

  • Available at our Maxie location

Free Play Daycare

Messages Image(2525657505).png

All of our locations offer our free play off-leash program.  This program has three different daily groups for your pup to participate and lots of room to explore.  These three groups are separated by size, temperament, energy levels, and play styles.  This platform allows dogs to roam, play, and rest as they see fit in a larger pack of dogs than our academy program.  Dogs that are able to self-regulate their activities are best suited and get the most out of this program.  Daily health checks are done thrice daily by pet professionals extensively trained in body language.  These pups also have unlimited access to our many amenities including cold plates, misters, pools, and bubble cannons!  Check out more about our amenities here!  You can watch our pups playing in free play daycare here! Dogs interested in this program must meet our requirements.

Free Play

Academy Daycare Program

This daycare platform was developed for dogs that thrive in smaller social settings and enjoy doing activities.  Rather than expecting these pups to self-regulate, this platform focuses on engagement.  Daycare attendants fill the roles of teachers and guide dogs in different activities such as scent games, impulse control games, and an emphasis on rewarding good behaviors. This group will be exercising their brains just as much as their bodies!  These pups do get to receive treats throughout the day and should feel comfortable eating small treats around other dogs.  They also have access to our amenities, but enjoy them in a less (rowdy) area.  Like with our traditional free play program, all pups will be health checked twice a day by a senior staff member and can be watched on our live cameras! Please note that this program is only currently offered at our Shepherd location.


We have two fantastic options for overnight boarding at our Energy Corridor location. 


Boarding with Daycare

These boarding pups attend daycare during the day.  Spending the day in daycare allows your pup to have all day fun and be tired at the end of the evening.  Rest easy knowing you can watch your pup on camera.  We also do not up-charge for loving on your pup, administering medications, or giving potty breaks.  Each night, your pup will rest in a spacious suite.  Sleeping in a suite permits your pup to have time away from the pack and curl up on a cozy cot and blanket for the night. 

Boarding with play breaks

This option is best suited for dogs that prefer relaxing rather than all day play.  All of these pups are guaranteed 5 daily potty breaks.   Just like with our daycare group, each pup will be health checked three times a day by trained staff.   Our suites feature relaxing music, comfortable bedding, and 24/7 footage in our luxury suites. 


HBP Hours

Room types

Overnight Boarding


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